There are two rules for success.
1. Never tell everything you know.

Facebook. Wasting peoples lives since 2004

YouTube: YouSee, YouLaugh, YouInspired, YouScream, YouCry. That’s all?

If something happen to you, please let me know by email, facebook, bbm, twitter, phone, sms, mms, whats app, my space, or my personal website. I’m so fuckin busy to meet you face to face.

Hey, your profile pic is so cuteee… I love you more honey….

Financial planning is the most inportant thing for your future life. Do it now, before it’s to late bro! Btw, hehe… can i borrow 10.000 rupiah to have a lunch?

There are so many pictures of christina aguilera on poster, watch, t-shirt, helmet, jacket, underwear, dashboard car, pc walpaper, iphone screensaver, tablet casing, and bed cover. Where do you put my pic? On the dark side of your wallet?

Damn! I found and love you at the first moment, and i just can’t run away from you till now!

My final and biggest pain truly heal me from my long lasting and regular sickness in my life before…

Last man standing. First man running. Who’s winning?

Life is paintfull, life is beautiful, life is colourfull. Need an extra money to buy the new paint?

Work at night, sleep at day. Put the things on the right time. If not, you’ll feel so lonely in this fuckin world.

Gusti mboten sare. He watch every step you take, even while you’re sleeping; He smile watching at you…

Everyday is sunday! So be ready to watch sunny and bright morning tommorow!

Don’t look back in anger. Just look forward with smile…. No extra prize for a smile….

It’s not about how much you spent or how delicous the taste of your dinner. Even  you had the ‘simple one’, you had the ‘special one’ beside you on your dinner moment…

Easy is not simple. But simple has to be easy. So why don’t you enjoy your life in a simple way?

What you say is what you think.

Easy to blame others. As easy as take a breath.

You need to have the real solution, but still, no real action at all. Keep patient dude… Perhaps there’s a miracle….

Star to make a change, start to think big. Do the giant leap with big passion. Nothing to lose, enjoy the process.

Start to take a small step to make a small change. Just keep focus and enjoy every small process. Small thing is not a bad thing right? Many small things will complete the puzzel of success. When it will come? Don’t think, just do it.
A morning is a start of new day. A new day ia a start of many great opportunity. So, wake up and star to have the first step.